All You Need To Know About Web Apps Security Testing

For those who are doing business in 21st century, automation is the name of the game! Of course, web apps bring flexibility for the businesses to reach out millions of potential customers across the globe, but security issues are increasing threat these days.

According to the recent independent analysis by Acutenix, an industry leader in web application security, 75% of all cyber-attacks are done at web application level. Also, the firm has shown that at least 70% of websites are at immediate risk of being hacked! As more ‘n’ more critical and sensitive data is stored in the web applications and the number of transactions increases, precise security testing of web applications has become crucial.

Website Security Testing Concepts
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Security testing is to be carried out in order to ensure that whether a web app is capable enough to prevent the unauthorized users to access the resource and data. In web applications and other client server applications, security testing plays a vital role as it helps you identify the vulnerabilities or weakness of the website or web app on the go.

However, before you get into web app security testing, it is important that you make yourself aware about certain terms used in security testing. Here’re a few common terms that you will be frequently going to use in web application testing for security:

“Vulnerability” - It is nothing but some kind of weakness within the web application. The main reason behind such weakness could be bugs within the application.