Webinar: Beyond Software Testing with Agile Team Support in Visual Studio 11 Beta

Event Date: 03/20/2012 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Presenter: Matt Nunn, Senior Product Manager for Visual Studio, Microsoft
Visual Studio 11 Beta brings much more to the table than just enhanced testing tools. It introduces a whole new range of agile tool support for all members of the team. Now testers and other team members who do not spend their time writing code (business analysts, product owners, ScrumMasters, agile testers, stakeholders, etc.) can be even more integrated into the process of developing software, from testing requirements to providing feedback, and participating with the whole team from planning to execution.
Experience firsthand the enhanced functionalities included in the Test Professional product including storyboarding, agile team planning and management, and stakeholder feedback. You’ll see Visual Studio 11 Beta’s new exploratory testing tools, enhancements to IntelliTrace, new debugging and diagnostic tools, and tools that ensure developers build the highest quality code possible.