Giveaway Contest – 4 Books – QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged

As we posted earlier, Tarun Lalwani and Anshoo Arora (authors of book QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged) has offered 2 copies for our blog readers. We are going to double this count by giving away 2 books from our side. So there will be total of 4 books. To Participate in this giveaway you need to register below (widget at the end of this post).

Book Review and Giveaway – QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged by Tarun Lalwani | 4 Books

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Guys, one more great news. Tarun Lalwani (Author of QTP Best seller books – QTP Unplugged and And I thought I knew QTP) along with QTP expert Anshoo Arora  has released his new book in Descriptive Programming. Book title is QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged.

To view the Book Preview click here

Attn. Testers | Practice SQL Queries at Home without any paid tool

Those days are gone when there was demand of Manual testing only. Now the competition is very tough for testers. Its difficult to survive with Manual testing only. Now skills like SQL, Automation tools, etc are required to grow.

Winners of Giveaway - 5 Books – Test Automation and QTP

(Oct 13, 2012: 2nd winner updated)
Guys, Its time to announce the first lucky winner of Giveaway Contest – 5 Books – "Test Automation and QTP".

1st Winner is Ragin Ravindran ( Congratulations to Ragin. Winners will be contacted directly by the author.

Giveaway Contest – 5 Books – Test Automation and QTP

As we posted earlier, author of book "Test Automation and QTP" has offered 5 copies for our Indian blog readers. To Participate in this giveaway you need to register below (widget at the end of this post).


Book Review and Giveaway – Test Automation and QTP – by Rajeev Gupta

Here comes another good book on QTP.  Book is  Test Automation and QTP written by Rajeev Gupta.

About the Book:
This book is a one-stop resource that explains all concepts, features and benefits of test automation and QTP with real-time examples. The book has been designed to be a beginner’s guide for new users, a companion guide for experienced users and a reference guide for professionals appearing for interviews or certification exams on test automation and QTP.


Session Based Test Management (SBTM)

Session Based Test Management is a formalized approach that uses the concept of charters and the sessions for performing the Exploratory Testing.

A session is not a test case or bug report. It is the reviewable product produced by chartered and uninterrupted test effort. A session can last from 60 to 90 minutes, but there is no hard and fast rule on the time spent for testing. If a session lasts closer to 45 minutes, we call it a short session. If it lasts closer to two hours, we call it a long session. Each session designed depends on the tester and the charter. After the session is completed, each session is debriefed. The primary objective in the debriefing is to understand and accept the session report. Another objective is to provide feedback and coaching to the tester. The debriefings would help the manager to plan the sessions in future and also to estimate the time required for testing the similar functionality.

Webinar: Beyond Software Testing with Agile Team Support in Visual Studio 11 Beta

Event Date: 03/20/2012 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Presenter: Matt Nunn, Senior Product Manager for Visual Studio, Microsoft
Visual Studio 11 Beta brings much more to the table than just enhanced testing tools. It introduces a whole new range of agile tool support for all members of the team. Now testers and other team members who do not spend their time writing code (business analysts, product owners, ScrumMasters, agile testers, stakeholders, etc.) can be even more integrated into the process of developing software, from testing requirements to providing feedback, and participating with the whole team from planning to execution.
Experience firsthand the enhanced functionalities included in the Test Professional product including storyboarding, agile team planning and management, and stakeholder feedback. You’ll see Visual Studio 11 Beta’s new exploratory testing tools, enhancements to IntelliTrace, new debugging and diagnostic tools, and tools that ensure developers build the highest quality code possible.

HP Israel [Unified Functional Testing (UFT)] invites Tarun Lalwani for feedback conference

About Tarun [For those who dont know..]

Tarun Lalwani started his carrier with Infosys back in 2004. He has been a protagonist since then in the Test Automation community. He has over 17,000 posts to his credit on various QTP forums. He started a blog,, in 2005, on which he has posted over 100 articles. He has also developed several freeware tools and made them available to the automation community.

He has authored two bestselling books on QTP, And I thought I knew QTP and QuickTest Professional Unplugged. His first book, QuickTest Professional Unplugged, won the best automation book award at the 2nd Annual ATI Automation Honors presented by Automated Testing Institute (ATI).
Tarun has many awards to his name. He was awarded for the best feedback on QTP 11 Beta by HP in June 2010.
HP's Israel R&D team, which works on its Unified Functional Testing (UFT) — formerly known as QuickTest Professional (QTP) — and Business Process Testing (BPT) products at its Quality Center (QC), recently invited Tarun Lalwani to Israel for a four-day feedback conference.

Career in Software Testing - Life as a Tester

(An Article for beginners and fresher testers)
The myths revolving around the field of Software testing that it is a field which does not require any specialization of any sort as far as skill or talent is concerned has proved to be wrong. It is has in fact become the backbone of every organization now and it is the tester who brings out the maximum portion of revenue to the business due to its capability to find bugs at a stage where if left uncaught could prove really expensive for the business.

Database Testing Basics - How to test and what to test?

[Note – This post is for beginners. More details on DB Testing are available here -
More on Database Testing -
What is Database Testing?
Database testing involves the tests to check the exact values which have been retrieved from the database by the web or desktop application. Data should be matched correctly as per the records are stored in the database.