Defect Trends report in Software Testing

The Defect Trends report calculates a rolling average of the number of bugs that the team has opened, resolved, and closed based on the filters that you specify. The rolling average is based on the per QA Build.

Defect Trends reports are very important for Development/Test Managers and senior management to understand how the Bug/Defect resolve and close rate is.

The following illustration displays an example of the Bug Trends report.

Excuses for testers when bugs are caught in later testing cycles/UAT/Production

[Note – This post might not be helpful for testers who work in independent test companies]
In my experience, I have seen that unlike developers, testers are not much clever.  One of the biggest pain-point for testers is that whenever a bug is caught in UAT or caught in later stages then blame is unfairly put on testing teams. This further results into unfair yearly reviews and appraisals of testing teams.

In many mid size companies, less value is given to testing teams. Testing culture lacks in those companies. Management should understand that testing team is "also responsible" [not "only responsible"] when a bug is caught in production.