Form and structure of test cases MATTER! - Webinar

Effective testing is often the result of good test cases. The “goodness” of test cases is typically associated with the test case contents, and is seen as ensuring high coverage and therefore effective testing.
The objective of this webinar is to highlight that the form and structure of test cases matter significantly to good testing in addition to the test case content. In fact a good form and structure aids generating good content.

User Acceptance Testing Concepts

.. Continuing the Beginners Guide to Software Testing series
User Acceptance testing is -
  • the formal testing done on the system to ensure that it satisfies the acceptance criteria before the system is put into production. [Most of the times it is done by users/clients]
  • the incremental process of approving or rejecting the system during development and maintenance.
Acceptance Testing checks the system against the requirements of the user. It is done by real people using real data and real documents to ensure ease of use and functionality of systems. Users who understand the business functions run the tests as given in the acceptance test plans, including installation and Online help Hardcopies of user documentation are also being reviewed for usability and accuracy. The testers/users formally document the results of each test, and provide error reports, correction requests to the developers.

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