Common Software Testing Pitfalls

by - Wing La; Source:
Poor estimation. Developers underestimate the effort and resources required for testing. Consequently, they miss deadlines or deliver a partially tested system to the client.
Untestable requirements. Describing requirements ambiguously renders them impossible or difficult to test.
Insufficient test coverage. An insufficient number of test cases cannot test the full functionality of the system.

Principles of Agile Testing & Development

Agile methods are a family of development processes, not a single approach to software development. Agile follows ‘adaptive’ planning rather than ‘predictive’ planning in conventional Waterfall Process.

Multiple Roles of Software Testers - People Relationship

Before going to the People Challenges, I would like to reiterate Few Useful Points on Role of Software Testers:
- Testing is finally recognized as a profession which needs specialized skills set and qualifications. - Also it is convinced testing will not start once the development is completed.
- Testing needs to be start in every stage of the software development Life Cycle.
- Testers need to validate whether the requirements specification documents is developed based on the needs of the organization.

Improving Developer and Tester Collaboration with Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 - Webinar

Developers and testers usually work in related but separately-managed teams. Often when working on the same product, these two teams are directed individually. Both groups sometimes work in silos, using tools that aren't integrated, and don't communicate well when issues are discovered.