QTP Unplugged & And I thought I Knew QTP Books – 8 Books giveaway to Indian Readers

[Update: to make the Giveaway more interesting now giveaways are 4 QTP Unplugged Books and 4 And I Thought I Knew QTP books]

[Update 2Due to festival week in India [Deepavali week], we are planning to extend the giveaway deadlines to November 3. 
Those who didnot send the entries - Send us your entries asap and you can be the one to grab best seller QTP books/tutorials for free..]

Sometime back we asked on facebook that who all are interested in learning the QTP for free. Reason for asking is – I don't understand why people are spending hundreds of $$ on QTP trainings. There are recourses available at affordable prices. The resource we are talking about is a Book – QTP Unplugged by Tarun Lalwani.

Learn Security Testing – Free Webinar

So guys, now you have the opportunity to learn “Security Testing” basics. Softsmith is conducting a "Security Testing Webinar" this month on:

Benefits of Coverity 5.5 Development Testing Platform‏

Mast Coverity
In a world where a minor bug can have crippling effects, our just announced Coverity development testing platform makes it easier than ever for developers to find hard-to-spot, yet potentially crash-causing defects early in the software development life-cycle, reducing the cost, time, and risk of software errors.