Investment in Software Test Automation

A must read for Software Test Architects and Software Test Managers..
Investment in Automation:

Which test cases to be Automated?

The testing elapsed time can be shortened, therefore leading to a huge saving in terms of time and money. Generally, the ROI begins to appear in the third iteration of automated testing.

Types of Testing tool for Client Server testing.

Following types of testing tools can be useful for client server testing:

1) Load/Stress Testing Tools: Example Astra Site Test by Mercury Interactive, Silk Performer by Seague Software to evaluate web based systems when subjected to large volumes of data of transactions.

2) Performance Testing: Example Load Runner to see the performance of the client server system.

3) UI testing: Example Win Runner by Mercury Interactive to perform UI testing.

The Need of Unit Testing

The developers in your company do not believe in testing their code or doing unit testing. How do you tackle this problem and explain them the need of unit testing?

The Need of Unit Testing:

Test Effectiveness and Test Efficiency - Revisiting

Effectiveness - How well the user achieves the goals they set out to achieve using the system (process).
Efficiency - The resources consumed in order to achieve their goals.

In Software field, these terms are primarily used to indicate the effort put in to develop the Software and How much is customer satisfied with the product.
Effectiveness signifies how well the customer requirements have been met i.e. does the final product provides the solution to the Customer problem effectively.

Efficiency is something, which is internal to the Organization that produced the Software product. It is basically- how efficiently the available resources (time, hardware, personnel, expertise etc.) were utilized to create the Software product.