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Quick Update - Around one month back, we posted a Quiz - Are you a Software Testing Expert? Best and correct answer is given by Debajit Hazarika.

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Testing Challenge – Crack the logic of a Facebook Application

One of my friend has develop a small facebook application “Yo Baby”. the application is really very simple and contains a few lines of code. The application description is -

About Yo Baby: Want to Know who visit your profile frequently? Track Your profile visitors – by Yo baby.

Actually this application is not tracking facebook profile visitors. But It will display some of your friend names (there is a logic behind it). Challenge is to crack the logic behind this application.

Hint is given in the application itself - More you invite, more you get the accurate results.
Application URL -
Why this challenge? A: It will enable you to think out of the box. Give your answers in the below comment box.

Test Planning – Step by Step – Part 1

After finalization of possible test for current project, Test Lead category people concentration on test plan document preparation to define work allocation in terms of What, Who, When & How to test. To prepare test plan document, test plan order follows below approach.
Test Planning - Step by Step

1] Team Formation:
In general, Test planning process starts with testing team formation. To define a testing team, test plan author depends on below factors;
1. Availability of testers
2. Test duration
3. Availability of test environment resource

Loadrunner Introduction, How Loadrunner Works

We already discuss – Why performance Testing is Required and limitations of Manual Testing in Performance Testing. In this topic, we will discuss the process of Loadrunner Testing.
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Some Useful File System Scripts for QTP – Automation Testing

FSO stands for Files system object, during testing we need to do some basic task like add, move, copy, create and delete folders and files. We can also handle drives related things using File system object method. So It is very much important to learn File system object.

Below are some Useful QTP File System Scripts:

Guide to Useful Software Test Metrics

I) Introduction
When we can measure what we are speaking about and express it in numbers, we know something about it; but when we cannot measure, when we cannot express it in numbers, our knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind: it may be the beginning of knowledge, but we have scarcely, in your thoughts, advanced to the stage of science.

Why we need Metrics?

“We cannot improve what we cannot measure.”
“We cannot control what we cannot measure”

  • Take decision for next phase of activities
  • Evidence of the claim or prediction
  • Understand the type of improvement required
  • Take decision on process or technology change
II) Type of metrics
Base Metrics (Direct Measure)

Base metrics constitute the raw data gathered by a Test Analyst throughout the testing effort. These metrics are used to provide project status reports to the Test Lead and Project Manager; they also feed into the formulas used to derive Calculated Metrics.
Ex: # of Test Cases, # of Test Cases Executed

Calculated Metrics (Indirect Measure)

Calculated Metrics convert the Base Metrics data into more useful information. These types of metrics are generally the responsibility of the Test Lead and can be tracked at many different levels (by module, tester, or project).
Ex: % Complete, % Test Coverage