Revolutionizing the Testing Process and Accuracy: The Decision Model [Testing Webinar]

The Relational Model changed the way we manage data. Today, the Decision Model organizes business rules and logic in a similarly rigorous manner.  This webinar with Barbara von Halle and Larry Goldberg discusses how the Decision Model enables innovation in the way we can generate test cases, minimize the testing needed, test the logic prior to coding, and assure completeness of testing procedures.

Testing without Requirements?

[Author - Surbhi Shridhar] Are you doing testing without requirements? Are you doing testing as per the instructions given by development team? In this post we will discuss – 1. Some common risks/issues that you might face while testing the software without requirements, 2. Ways to tackle those risks and 3. Alternative ways of testing.


(Just found an excellent article for testers.. via @ [A must read article for Test Leads, and testers]
Building trust may seem mysterious—something that just happens or grows through some unknowable process. The good news is there are concrete actions that tend to build trust (and concrete actions that are almost guaranteed to break down trust).

Dummies Guide to Performance Testing | Performance Testing Life Cycle

On Readers Request, we are starting the series of “Dummies Guide to Performance Testing”. This is the first post, where we will go through the basics of Performance Testing:
What is Performance Testing?
Why Performance Testing?
Tests carried out in Performance Testing
When to start Performance Testing?
Performance Test Process

Test progress Monitoring, Reporting & Control

Test progress monitoring
The purpose of test monitoring is to give feedback and visibility about test activities. Information to be monitored may be collected manually or automatically and may be used to measure exit criteria, such as coverage. Metrics may also be used to assess progress against the planned schedule and budget.