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Security Testing Fundamentals

Exposing systems to the internet increases the risk that security weaknesses in those systems will be leveraged to compromise the system or the underlying data. It is therefore necessary to examine the actual business risks this brings, understand the basic difficulties in implementing "secure systems", and adequately test internet applications for security, as well as functionality and load performance, before they are exposed to the net.

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Security Testing Fundamentals -

Need for Security Testing

Need for Security testing
Five Principles Needing to Test -

Reducing test case documentation time

by - Ranjit Shewale
This article describes about the approach to reduce documentation and correction overhead of test cases for the test team so they can spend more time on creating
innovative test cases and actual testing. This also leads to a structured documentation approach of test case during the test case preparation phase.

Ask yourself
1. How much time does your team spend in documenting test case?
2. How much time do you spend in internal reviews?
3. How much time do you spend in correcting it?
4. How much time do you spend in correcting the test cases if the client sends across the review comments prior to signing it off?
If the answer to above is ‘most of the time’, then you need a structured approach to test documentation.
Why would you want to save the time?

Funny video on load testing with WebLOAD, Great QA humour

A Must Watch..
Funny video on load testing with WebLOAD,
Great QA humor. WebLOAD Professional is RadView's award winning software for performance testing and load testing of Internet applications.

Improving Test Effectiveness Using Fact-Based Test Prioritization

by – Impetus Knowledge Center (via Apeksha Bobde)
Testing is emerging as a very critical component in the product development life cycle and effective testing is being talked about as the key to better quality products, delivered on-time to the market.
Today, organizations spend several hours in testing their products for problems. The testing team creates hundreds of test cases to validate the requirements that are being developed. The test suites that are created often grow over time, requiring companies to conduct tests that need to run manually—a process that takes hours to execute. Many of the tests that get added to the test suites may be redundant, or simply non-productive. Often the tests target the areas..

Understanding QEngine’s Load Testing Process

Once you plan your load test, the next step is to perform the load testing process. Load testing is the process of identifying performance bottlenecks in your web application under normal and peak loads. This will help you to tune the resources (both the hardware and the software) of your web application and optimize the user experience for maximum performance.
Following are the steps involved in QEngine Load Testing process:

Basics of Test Effort Estimation

- By Murali Chemuturi
Why Testing is carried out? Why Software Testing is important? Testing is carried out primarily for unearthing any defects present in the system and to prevent a defective product reaching the customers. Secondarily, testing is also carried out to convince the customer that the product conforms to and fulfills the specifications and the functionality agreed to.

Software Testers | Guide to Answer some Toughest HR Interview Questions

Many times it happens that testers (or other professionals) crack the technical interview round, but they are not able to clear HR round successfully. So on readers request, we are posting some “General Guidelines in Answering Interview Questions”.