Descriptive Programming in QTP

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Descriptive Programming:

When we start recoding on any application with QTP, QTP learns the object by adding some of its properties in Object Repository. QTP uses default Object Identification properties: mandatory and assistive to learn objects. For more information on how QTP learn objects, read this article. and QTP Object Identification tutorial.
Whenever QTP records any action on any object of an application, it adds some description on how to recognize that object to a repository of objects called object repository. QTP cannot take action on an object until unless its object description is in the Object Repository.

But descriptive programming provides a way to perform action on objects which are not in Object repository.

Download the Descriptive Programming Tutorials for QTP.
Document 1: Download - Basics of Descriptive Programming in QTP. [Note - This is writtern by Tarun Lalwani using QTP 8.2. It is atill applicable to all QTP versions.. A must read]

Document 2: Converting OR (Object Repository) Based scripts to Descriptive Programming
Document 3: Descriptive Programming Dummy Properties
Document 4: General issues people face while using Descriptive Programming (DP) in QTP.

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